We're happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland

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I am well aware of and terribly sorry for how long I kept you waiting for the second post (by 'you', I mean those couple of readers that actually stuck around). I guess that's what happens when you spend too much time on a blogging break and get too caught up in trying to enjoy the smallest joys in life as of late. Those included a pub quiz, late evening mall runs, shooting funny videos with my roommate and watching the silliest movie we've ever seen until 3am, all wrapped up in our duvets and snacking on an advent calendar. It's been a while since I focused on making memories instead of checking my phone all the time and I'm not going to lie- it felt really good. I'm back in my hometown now, enjoying the presence of my family and doing some last minute Christmas preparations. Today, me and my mum finally got round to decorating our tree to the tunes of typical Christmas songs. This time my mum decided on a blue and silver colour scheme and even though I say it every single year, the tree truly exceeded my expectations. Pictures are yet to come, promise!

What I wanted to share with you today are some pictures from 2 weeks ago, when my mum came to visit and I decided to show her the place which is an absolute must-see in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I love the atmosphere of Christmas markets, even if I go there just to swoon over amazing decorations and pretty lights because most of the things are simply too expensive. Every single year they gather artists who offer unique, quality handcrafted goodies and they have food trucks comforting people after hours spent in the cold- what's not to love?

Coat: H&M, Scarf: H&M, Snood: Reserved, Bag: Primark, Gloves: Tally Weijl

It was really hard to get a decent photo of me because of the omnipresent crowds and unflattering lighting (hey, we're no photography pros, but we'll get there...) so this one will have to suffice for now. I hope my little recap managed to put you in the Christmas mood at least a bit and you enjoyed it as much as I did sharing it all with you.

Last but not least, I wanted to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas. May this special day be filled with love, joy and peace. I hope being around your loved ones brings you lots of wonderful moments to cherish and Santa ticks off every single point on your wishlist!

I go back to December all the time

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When, with a heavy heart, I was announcing my break from blogging, I said that it could even take me 'up to 2 months'. Looking at it in retrospect it appears that I only got the '2' part right as it took me a whole 2 years to get it together and come back. A lot has changed since then, but if there's one thing that remained unchanged over the years, it's my love for all things fashion.

If you used to read my blog back when it was called Glamour Kills and are still here, I just want to say a heartfelt thank you. It's been a long journey and there were days when I doubted if I could ever return and run a blog that people would actually be willing to read. If you're new to the party, let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Dominika and I'm a 20-year-old university student. I spend a lot of time listening to music, fangirling, gushing over pretty dresses, daydreaming and making mental maps of places I would love to visit in the future.

When I was planning my big comeback, I would always tell myself one thing- 'I want it to be in the summer'. Winter makes fashion blogging a hundred times harder, as if beginnings weren't hard enough. It especially holds true when you live in a place where every attempt to take off your coat in order to take some decent photos bears the risk of turning into an ice cube. However, my procrastinating side got the best of me and I have hundreds of spring/summer photos sitting in my folder while I ended up making my big return in the middle of December instead.

Well, at least my blog will share a birthday with one of my favourite people- Taylor Swift, and this can never be a bad thing. Ever.

'Let's go where we got to, our paths will cross again in time...'


I've been thinking a lot about it lately and what I'm about to say is by no means easy for me. In my previous post I expressed my joy about being back in the blogosphere, but I decided that saying 'goodbye' to all of you will be the best idea I can possibly make right now. I've been struggling with a lot of things these days and I pushed blogging into the background. I am definitely in need of some me-time to keep my mind off certain things and simply relax. Don't worry though- I won't be gone for good. I am still going to read your blogs on a daily basis and sometimes even comment on them, so if you feel like talking to me just drop me a line and I promise I will reply as soon as possible. I just want to take a break from blogging as such. I can promise you one thing- I WILL be back for sure. I don't know how long it will take me- maybe a few weeks, maybe up to 2 months or maybe even more... All I know is that once I come back, I will make it up to you. I promise it will be worth the wait. I have so many ideas and I am really looking forward to implementing them.

I hope you will stick with me and my blog or maybe even miss me a little. I know I will. Take care everybody and see you soon!

My fashion cravings: November edition


As you might have possibly noticed, I've been MIA for some time now. I guess I needed some time to focus on my studies and think through certain things. I have also been struggling with a sort of seasonal depression, the weather definitely affected my mood and there were times when I felt like abandoning my blog... I realized that I would miss you way too much though! Plus, I still have a lot of ideas that I will try to put into effect when I finally have some more time. :)

Yesterday I started looking through various websites and I put together yet another wishlist. Strangely enough, there are no warm coats or oversized cardigans... I guess the fact that the upcoming winter is my least favourite time of the year is reflected here. Much as I like layering every now and then, the fact that it gets to -15 degrees in winter here is simply unbearable!

(1. Party Dress with Sequin Bodice- ASOS, 2. Aristocrat High Shoe Boots- Topshop, 3. Floral Print Mesh Back Maxi Dress- Topshop, 4. Textured Sweetheart Prom Dress- Rare London, 5. Floral Sequin Prom Dress- Topshop, 6. Shoe Boots with Lace Detail- ASOS, 7. Darling Amelia Lace Skater Dress- ASOS)
While I'm off to take a look at some new posts and comment on your blogs, feel free to drop me a line saying what you think about my fashion cravings and what's on your recent wishlist!

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